Granite and marble slabs / tiles

How do we maintain the highly polished surface ?

The answer is quite simple and surprisingly inexpensive. We turn back the hands of time, add modern technology, and we have what is known as the Natural Polishing Process. This process has been used for centuries to obtain highly polished stones. All quarries and fabrication facilities use it without exception.

Daily Maintenance for stone


All natural stone, both polished and unpolished, should be cleaned daily in high traffic areas and less often in lower traffic areas. A clean rayon or cotton string mop should be used with cold to warm water with the addition of a quality neutral cleaner or stone soap. Neutral cleaners are defined as surfactant type detergents that have a pH of 7. Acidic and alkaline cleaners should not be used on a regular basis. Be sure to follow directions carefully. Too much cleaner may leave a film and cause streaking.


In order to maintain the highly polished surface of most stone, waxes, acrylics, or other sacrificial coatings are not recommended as they increase required maintenance. However, in certain situations a coating may be necessary. Contact a reputable stone professional for advise.